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Where are composites used in windows and doors?

We offer a wider range of solutions for window and door applications: 

  • glass fibre door profiles
  • glass fibre window profiles
  • composite window sashes, frames, and mullions
  • composite door frames
  • composite door and sliding doors & sills
  • composite door internal stiffener profiles
  • threshold profiles
  • external parts for wood windows
  • insulating cores for metal windows and doors
  • internal profiles for fire safety doors
  • industrial door frames
  • refrigerated door frames and panel caps
  • thermal breaks
  • thermally insulating stiffeners for PVC profiles

Benefits of composites


Stable & insulating

Natural insulator with high conductivity. Low thermal elongation. No brittleness at low temperatures. Fire resistant.


High strength & stiffness

High tensile strength supports larger frames. Create narrower frames and sills. Withstands high wind loads


Long life, low maintenance

No rotting or rusting. Moisture-resistant. Withstands years of UV exposure

Exel_Chemical and corrosion resistance_RGB_64x64

High quality

Our 60 years of pultrusion and pull-winding expertise. Choose from a wide range of aesthetic treatments, patterns and colours


Meet our UK team

Exel’s expert team is based at our manufacturing facility in Runcorn, near Liverpool. Our local presence means faster lead times, local expertise and a smaller logistics footprint for UK customers. Contact us to request a product sample, or ask any questions.

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Learn about composite door and window profiles

Already using other materials like aluminium or PVC? Composites can be a stronger and more thermally efficient alternative. Many of our customers who use aluminium or PVC window and door profiles have very easily integrated fibreglass and even carbon fibre frames into their processes. Check out our window & door guide and infographic and learn more about the great benefits of composites.

Download our W&D guide     Download our infographic


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